Kaduna: PMB Under Scrutiny Over $1m Gift To Afghanistan, Using 10 Maybachs

Kaduna: PMB Under Scrutiny Over $1m Gift To Afghanistan, Using 10 Maybachs

President Muhammadu Buhari has again come under heavy scrutiny for allegedly being self-centered and insensitive to the security situation in the country.

A former presidential aide and socio-political activist, Reno Omokri, called out the Nigerian leader over the successful bombing of the Abuja-Kaduna train by suspected terrorists.

According to Omokri, Buhari has over ten bullet proof Mercedes Maybach worth N200m each but could not provide even one bomb detector, which cost just N180 million.

The former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan also wondered why Buhari gifted Afghanistan the sum of $1 million when his own country is in chaos, security and economic wise.

He claimed that, “The machine that would have detected bombs on the Abuja-Kaduna rail tracks cost about ₦180 million. Yet, the Buhari regime did not purchase it. But Buhari spent over ₦200 million buying a bullet proof Mercedes Maybach for himself. Buhari cares only about himself!

“Buhari has 10 Presidential jets and more than 10 Mercedes Benzes worth over ₦1 billion. Yet, he can’t provide even one bomb detector for the Abuja-Kaduna rail, 6 months after it was first bombed on October 22, 2022. Nigeria has 2 terrorists. Buhari and the bandits!

“Dear Buhari, just this month you gave $1 million to the terrorist government of Afghanistan. That money could have bought 10 bomb detectors for the Abuja-Kaduna rail. You spent $8 million on repentant Boko Haram. Wouldn’t that have been best spent on bomb detectors?”

He added, “How many people did IPOB kill before Buhari threatened them with his now infamous ‘speak to them in a language they understand’ tweet? How come he has not spoken to terrorists in the same language? Is it because they are from his tribe, and not a dot in a circle?”

Recall that the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, had recently faulted the decision of President Buhari to give $1 million to Afghanistan through the Organisation of Islamic Countries, OIC.

The group said it was unconstitutional for Buhari to donate $1 million of public funds without appropriation to the OIC for onward disbursement to the Islamic regime that came to power by the barrel of a gun in Afghanistan.


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